Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Long Day...Nothing Yet

Well, It has been a long day. Allison has had contractions all day, but with little progress. We went to the doctor when her contractions were 3-6 minutes for about two hours, but we were sent home becuase she was only 1 centimeter dialated. After several hours, and even more contractions, we still wait for the go ahead to head back to the hospital. The contractions are getting stronger, but they are still lasting at 8-10 minutes apart. We appreciate all of the notes and prayers...We are going to go get something to eat now....maybe that will push this whole process along. I suggested White Castle, but that got a veto. (Don't tell Allison, but I am going to try and slip a White Castle slider in her food when she is not looking anyways....)


sue mccusker said...

God bless all three of you! And welcome of our side of the world, ???? Mayer!

Love and prayers,
Aunt Sue and Uncle Denis

mdfleischer said...

ahhh the newest mayer is a jokester! thank goodness he or she will fit into the family! i miss you guys and can't wait to meet the newest member of the family!


Kathy said...

10/17/07 8:45p.m.
CONGRATS to the new parents and welcome Miss Lilly Grace Mayer into your new home~Love To All~Great Aunt Kathy, Great Uncle Mike, Aunt Megan and Uncle Matt