Sunday, October 21, 2007


Currently Lily enjoys sleeping during the day and crying at night. This is a pleasant sight after two hours of feeding and calming down!


Kathy said...

9/21/07 No matter what time of day there is nothing as precious as the picture of Mom and Babe ASLEEP! Okay Lily Grace Mayer, lets get cracking~daylight~awake e(sometimes napping, of course)night-sleeping ALL THE WAY THROUGH!! Love and Kisses to All~G.A. Kathy

Candy said...

oh man what great pictures Ty
and the fact that you posted at 3:07 am means you were awake to help : )
good for you!
sweet dreams ALlison - take advantage of all the extra help now so you can catch up and be ready when it's just you 2...
all the grandparetns look "over the moon" with joy! Naturally!
Love and Blessings to all!
The Hall's