Monday, March 14, 2011

Godfather of the Year!

I have the BEST godfather in the world! For my birthday he told me he would re-do one room in our house. Seriously, what godfather offers to do that. We had always wanted to update the kids bathroom, but wasn't quite sure if that project would be too big. It was ugly and it had no shower head, just a tub. Check out the before....

Cool wallpaper, right?

Did he not do the most amazing job ever?!?! Love the tile and the lighting is amazing! Of course...monkey themed! The new vanity actually has drawers! The new toilet is tucked behind the shower wall.

Check out that tub and shower! All these pictures don't even do it full justice. The plumbing is totally different, too.

Love my new storage cabinet above the toilet! He did this all in a week! I still can't believe it! Thanks UB! We're ready for four kids to use this bathroom. :)


Kati said...

Wow. Wow. This is some tranformation. I bet the girls love it! Congratulations on the new room...and an awesome Godfather.

Brandy P said...

What a HUGE difference! Oh, Allison...I'm so happy for you. You guys deserve such a wonderful gift more than anyone I know. I love the monkey decor too!!!! Who knew you could get so excited over housing projects?! I just love remodeling :)