Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bridget's First Haircut

Bridget's hair grew much faster than Lily's! Lately, she's totally been sporting the mullet, so I decided it was time for the trim. Lily went first, so she could see what it was like. I knew she would freak out! Finally, I just put her in my lap and she was totally fine! She just likes to be close to her Mama!

Way too busy to pose for a pic! This is all I could get of my big girl.
This is taken from my lap! She liked getting her hair dried the best.
Bridget has grown up so much lately. She has become a VERY fast walker and I feel like she has just begun to understand what is going on in the world around her. She knows what is going on. I am amazed daily about all the words she can say. She still like to follow her sister! There have been a few more tiffs lately. She even tells me when her diapers are wet. I still think I will have 3 in diapers, though.

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