Thursday, December 31, 2009


Yikes, finally getting Christmas posted. The picture below is when we went to the Children's Museum. They have all this Christmas stuff up and you can meet Santa. Lily was not so impressed with the Holiday Wonderland and really just wanted to do what we always do when we go there.

Acting like a nut!
Christmas Eve! Above is what Katie and Uncle G got her! We had a great Christmas Eve. We went to my mom's and had a delicious lunch and opened gifts for the girls. We went downtown to mass at St. John's where Fr. Steve is. The church is gorgeous and it was fun to see Fr. Steve. We came back to our house where we put the girls to bed and had cocktails, appetizers, and dessert. We opened presents and ended up staying up until 1 AM.

Lily with her present from Uncle G.

So this is our only picture of Bridget on Christmas or Christmas Eve. I feel really bad. Is it second child syndrome? Bridget, if you ever read this post when you are older...Mommy and Daddy love you LOTS! We are sorry there are not as many pictures of you. You seem to be sleeping every time we want to take pictures!

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