Thursday, December 31, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Christmas morning...Lily got that pink bike she had been asking for. Her face was priceless when she saw it. She left milk and cookies our for Santa. Santa actually left a cookie right outside her door with a huge bite out of it. If you come within a 30 foot radius of Lily, she will tell you the story of the cookie.

Checking out what Santa left in her stocking.

Playing with toys before we left for Bamma and Papa's. We travelled to Chicago and had a magnificent brunch with Bamma, Papa, Auntie Emily, Aunt CC, Uncle Nick, Rocky and Gizmo. Then we opened up presents. The night before Lily seemed a little overwhelmed opening presents. She was still overwhelmed in the morning, but caught on by the end.

Hanging out with Emmy.

Again Bridget, sorry no pics of you. You were asleep!

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