Friday, December 19, 2008

What I've Been Up To

Taking the sink out of my kitchen and sitting in it. Also, I have my PJ's on and I begged my mom to also put on my shoes.
Reading books with Daddy!

Playing in the water table at the Children's Museum.

Riding the giraffe at the Children's Museum.

Going down the HUGE slide with Uncle Bubba. Lily can now say, "Bubba," which has always been my nickname for Andrew, so I think we're going to start calling him Uncle Bubba.

Dumping all 1000 of my mom's toothpicks!
Today is Tyler's last day of school. He has 2 weeks off!!!! We are still finishing up our Christmas shopping. Only 3 presents left to go. We're looking forward to spending time with both sides of the family. We have a "special treat" up our sleeve for Christmas Eve and we're hoping to introduce the game of speed scrabble to the Mayer's. Can't wait!

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