Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving (late)!

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We sure did!! Tyler's football team ended up not going to State, so we headed up to Chicago on Wednesday. I have no pictures, because I forgot my camera. Do you believe that? Anways, Lily enjoyed eating her first Thanksgiving dinner. She wasn't so into the the turkey, but she loved the mashed potatoes. Her favorite part was sticking the mashed potatoes up her nose.

Lily also got to see Santa for the first time. Grandma Mayer and I took her to the mall. The second she sat on Santa's lap she screamed!! She did like to see all the people and lights.

We came back on Saturday to celebrate Uncle AJ's 21st birthday! Tyler and I made it out to Broad Ripple, which hadn't happened in a LONG time. The first thing I thought when I entered the bar was, "Gosh, this music is WAY too loud." Guess I'm getting a little older. But we had a great time and so did Andrew.

Yesterday, we began to put up Christmas decorations and Tyler and Fr. Meyer have begun the outside lights. Lily loved seeing all the decorations!!!!

Here is a picture of Lily help unpack some of the decorations. I pulled out my snowmen that sing and dance. When I turned it on, Lily's jaw literally dropped. It was hilarious!!!

I'll have to get some pictures of the outside. Tyler and Fr. Meyer are definitely decking it out. Santa and his reindeer are out. They were made by Fr. last year and almost life-size. All I know is that on their list they needed 10 more strands of lights. Yikes!!

Lily playing with her new letters from Grandma! Thanks!

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