Sunday, February 10, 2008

Some of Lily's Favorites

Lately, Lily ALWAYS has her tongue out. She's loves to smack her lips, too!!! Definitely her #1 favorite thing to do.

Here's Lily's second favorite thing to do....chill in her bumbo seat. She thinks she a big kid when she sits in it.

Her third favorite is her Baby Einstein. She will talk to the bird and ladybug for seriously 30 minutes. She also loves to make faces into the mirror and kick the animals.

Yesterday Lily laughed for the very first time. It was adorable and I obviously went crazy. I'll give you one guess who made her laugh......of course, Tyler!!!! She also laughed at Grandma Mark. But will she laugh at mom...oh no!! I'm just the one that takes care of her all day, changing diapers, cleaning up spit up, trying to avoid getting puked on, and feeding her in the middle of the night. Surely, she'll give me a laugh soon.


Brandy said...

Thanks for updating us on the little cutie pie. We just need to get Addison around her a little more and maybe some of her girliness will rub off on the little guitar hero/espn tomboy! Haha.


janna said...

I love seeing the pictures!!!
She is such a cutie.