Wednesday, May 08, 2013

7 Quick Takes 5-8-13

1. I keep finding random items in the refrigerator: a piece to the play-doh set, the play cell phone, etc.  I was totally confused.  I found out it was Bridget, my sweet middle child.  She is hiding toys in the fridge so the others won't find them.  That was she can always play with them.  Poor kid...the middle child...between an outgoing older sister...and a set of twins below her.  Tough spot, but she's totally figuring out how to survive!

2. Grocery makes me cringe just thinking about it.  Have you ever brought 3 children ages 3 and under to the grocery store?  Surely, it erases away some of my time in purgatory!  I have this few grocery stores have spots where you can strap TWO kids in.  I've tried the "put the more behaved child in the actual cart part."  You wanna know how that turned out?  Lucy fell out and landed on her head while I was checking out.  And it must have freaked out Bridget, because she immediately ran away and I had to catch her.  Everyone was crying and all eyes were on me.  But we made it out and everyone was ok.  Thank goodness!

3. Speaking of all eyes on me...I feel like that happens often to me.  I guess I shouldn't be shocked.  I usually walk around with a full double stroller, a small 3 year old holding my hand, and an independent 5 year old leading the way and at least one kid is crying or whining.  I know what people are thinking, "Are those all yours?"  "Are they triplets?"  "You aren't having any more kids, are you?"  "You have your hands full!"  All of those questions, or comments have been said to me before.  What's kinda nice is that in the past couple years, I've just learned to not care.  I usually just keep my eyes forward and keep moving.  I ignore the stares, comments and keep smiling (usually)  and continue on my way.  I'm not sure if  I'm just more comfortable with having 4 children in 3 years or if this is something that just comes with age.  But boy is it was easier not caring with other think.

4.  Oh yeah, grocery shopping.   I found that Kroger has theses little car carts.  Thomas and Lucy can BOTH be strapped and drive this cute little car.  They are happy!  Then there is a cart Bridget's size, so she's happy and that makes me HAPPY!  The only problem is that the twins are level with all the food.  I didn't think too much of it until I checked out.  I looked into the twins area and Thomas had grabbed a loaf of bread, a box of rice, and instant potatoes.  I totally cracked up!  Then I got home and we came home with two items I had not picked up...Dora fruit snacks and colored marshmallows.  That has Bridget written all over it.  She must have put them in her cart and I never even noticed.  She was so excited about the Dora fruit snacks!

5.  I love to cook with the kids!  It makes cooking dinner easier when they are occupied.   The other day, we had just finished making brownies and I was cleaning up the house.  I walked into the kitchen and Thomas was practicing his cooking skills.  He was cracking eggs on the kitchen floor.  I think he has it mastered.  T-man, I want omelettes for Mother's Day!  Thanks, buddy!

6. Thomas and Lucy turn two on June 2!  Wow, time flies!  They are such little buddies.  Thomas insists on giving Lucy a kiss before nap and bed.  If Lucy isn't awake in the morning, Thomas stands at the bottom of the stairs say, "Lu Lu, Lu Lu, Lu Lu."  While sometimes it's absolute chaos having twins, I also feel so blessed.  Very few people get to experience twins on a daily basis.  Their little friendship is amazing to witness everyday.

7.  I made it to 50 sales last week on Etsy!  Horray!  I never thought I would get there.  Definitely my new favorite hobby!

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