Thursday, September 27, 2012


I gave up!  Life is pretty much chaos!  But just lately I've had people asking about the blog.  I'm making no promises, but I'm going to try a little harder at updating, because really, the stories are too funny.

The other day I went upstairs to get clothes for all the kids.  I came back down and Thomas and Lucy were covered in peanut butter.  I asked Lily "What happened?"  She told me they looked funny with mustaches.  Valid point Lily, but don't cover your brother and sister in peanut butter.

I'm not going to guarantee anything, but I'm hope to at least put a funny story or two up here.  With four under four, there's at least one everyday!  Also, I've been a little busy with this:

Check it out!  I've made a couple of sales and am hoping for more.  I also have a few more items to post!  Something exciting or me.

Until next time and who knows when that will be!

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