Monday, October 24, 2011

THE 4th Birthday!

This birthday was so fun! Lily was soooo excited for it. Her birthday fell on a day she had school and she had a soccer game after. When she woke up we had all her presents ready for her downstairs, including her new scooter. Tyler had also gotten her 4 pink dunkin donuts. After school we went to her soccer game and then came back for pizza, cake, and presents. The theme was of course "Princess," complete with an Ariel birthday. It was so fun because she was even able to write some of her invitations!

Thanks Aunt Katie and Uncle G for the Princess PJ's. They wear them every time they are clean!

Blowing out the cake! The second she got home from soccer, she asked to change into a dress. Of course!

Here comes the cake!

Four!...with some pizza sauce on her face!

The morning of her birthday!

Lil....we love you babe! Your strong sense of independence, your love of cuddling, and your compassion for others is awesome! Keep being inquisitive and playful and PLEASE stop growing. I can't stand it!

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