Saturday, August 06, 2011

Our Summer Happenings

What an amazing summer this has been! Tyler has been home so much, so we've really been able to enjoy each (HOT!) summer day. Tyler officially starts back on Monday. Lily will go to school with him 3 days a week. She is so excited to go back to Trojan Tots. Even though our family doubled, we still tried to do as many activities possible. We had lots of people saying, "Are you crazy?" But hey, this is our life. We have 4 under 4 and we still want to do fun stuff with the girls. It just takes planning, organization, and lots of energy. I'm definitely sad that our summer is coming to close, but I'm ready for the challenge of being home by myself with 4. I know I can do it...even if it does involve a glass of wine at 5PM! Below are some pictures of our summer happenings.

Hanging out with Uncle Bubba.

Playing at the water park!

Holding babies.

Being naked!

And of course swimming at Nana's...or Nina's as Bridget tells us.

We also took the twins to their first Indians game and we joined the YMCA. I think it may be my savior. They had a "Child Watch." I can drop off all 4 kids off for TWO WHOLE HOURS and workout and actually shower without anyone screaming. They will feed the babies and have little art activities for the girls. My first time I was paged over the loud speaker to come and get Bridget (she was so sad), but surely it will get better!

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