Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Ballet and First Snow

Lily took her first ballet lessons! Below are a few pictures of her ballet recital. I couldn't believe how much she learned! Her teacher does a really great job. It was funny to see ten little bodies running around in their leotards.

The first snow! We had our first snow in the beginning of December. Yes, I'm catching up on my postings again. Lil loved being outside and Bridget loved cuddling inside with me.
Tomorrow we go for our ultrasound. If the twins cooperate, we will find out if they are boys are girls! I can't believe how anxious I am. Take the poll on our blog and make a guess at what they are. Tyler swears it will be two girls and I change my mind about every hour. Lily thinks it's a boy and a girl, but also comments that "Boys have stinky feet."

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