Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lake Shafer

Last weekend was the annual Mark Family Reunion at Lake Shafer. Lily was excited to eat junk food, and ride the cars and boats.

Motorcycle riding with her cousin Nathan!
Playing in the rain with her cousins Nathan and Mikey.

Lily and Jack getting soaked!

Bridget hanging out in the backpack and loving every second of it!

Riding in the pink car, of course!

The racecar!

Taking a nap!
Tyler and I anticpated many hours hanging out in Kiddieland. We did start out there as you can tell from the pictures above. But Lily quickly graduated to the "big kid rides"! She rode the scrambler, sleds, log flume and her favorite The Dragon. The Dragon is a pretty big ride. I didn't dare go on it until I was at least 10!!! But our dare devil Lily, went on with her hands up! She would giggle the whole time! We tried putting her down for a nap. When we went to go check on her, she was just staring out the window at the rides. We rode rides until about 9:45! Lily literally rode rides until she passed out in her stroller! ha!
It was such a fun year because there were 8 kids under the age of 2 1/2! Lily still has her ride bracelet on. She says she's wearing it just it case she can ride the rides!

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Brandy P said...

Addison and Lily would have so much fun together. They are both big dare devils. We recently went to Indiana Beach as well and I couldn't believe Addi rode the scrambler, log ride and two other "big kid" rides. She would have rode the roller coasters if she was tall enough :)