Friday, April 09, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Working in a school gives us the luxury of having spring break. While most look forward to spring break with excitement, I was dreading spring break. Tyler was going to be gone the whole week in El Salvador for a mission trip. Seven nights by myself with both girls sounded slightly exhausting. Thank goodness for Nana! She booked us two rooms at the Abe Martin Lodge in Brown County State Park. They have an awesome little water park there! It was soooo fun!

Here we are playing at one of the parks.
Hanging by the pool with Nana.

Lily getting ready to go down the BIG slide. I couldn't believe she loved it so much!!! The first night we were there, the girls had finally fallen asleep and my mom and I were watching TV. While Lily was sleeping she was saying, "Water park, playground, Ashes, Ashes (from Ring Around the Rosy)." haha! Needless to say, she was rather excited to be at the water park.
Tyler's trip went really well. They were there to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Romero's death. Pretty cool!

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