Friday, January 22, 2010

Boiler Up!

Bridget and Lily visited their future college for the first time yesterday!! We drove to Purdue to take Uncle Bubba out for lunch. Lily practiced saying, "Boiler Up!" our whole way there. I hadn't been back in 5 years and I couldn't belive how much had changed. There are so many more buildings and restaurants. We went to University Spirit and got Lily a Purdue T-shirt. Pink of course! Then we visited Discount Den to get a pop that used to be 50 cents, but are now 75! On our walk over there, I shed a single tear when I saw that Stacks had turned into a Five Guys!!! Then we traveled over to the Union and saw where Daddy used to work, Pappy's. They had re-done the whole union, too. We walked by Harry's Chocolate Shop. Too bad we couldn't go in. We drove by AGD and Tyler's old apartment. It was great to be back on campus. I for sure want to go back for a football game in the fall.

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