Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Belated Easter

We had a wonderful Easter. Lily had been sick most of the week, but finally felt better on Easter. She loved finding the eggs around the house.

Here's Lily in her Easter dress. I didn't get too many good pictures, but she looked adorable in it. Thanks Grandma Mayer!!!
Looking for Easter eggs! She loved to shake them and hear the coins inside.

Stealing candy!
Tyler and I both got Lily's illness, so we've been sick most of this week, but finally are starting to feel better. ew! Today it was finally sunny and warm so we played outside. Lily enjoyed literally digging in the mud. I'm 16 weeks along now and you can kinda see my belly. Almost half way there.

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Uncle AJ said...

That middle picture could win contests. I may need a copy.