Monday, January 19, 2009

Our Little Girly Girl!


Lily loves chapstick. I think her Auntie Emily is the one who taught her how to put it on. She seriously sat there for about 10 minutes just reapplying! She would get really excited and scream.


Brandy P said...

Adorable. I remember Addi's first time discovering chapstick and mommy's lipgloss. Its fun now but just wait til she starts poking her fingers in it and trying to eat it. Haha.

Kelly said...

Oh my, SO SO cute!

Kati said...

Magdalene loves chapstick too. She puts it on every morning after we brush our teeth. She also loves lip gloss. We have a lip gloss tower with five colors. The other day I looked over and she had it, the blue was open, and chuncks of sparkling blue were all over her face. It's crazy how fast they become girly.

Kati said...

I know this has been up here awhile now, but it is now Magdalene's favorite video. She loves putting on her chapstick with Lily.

"Watch Lily put chapstick on! I put chapstick on with Lily!"