Sunday, March 16, 2008

Borrowed Camera

Lots has happened since my last post. First, we must thank Grandma Mark for letting us borrow her camera. We still haven't gotten one yet. Above is Lily eating one of her first meals consisting of rice cereal. Soon we will be adding fruits and vegetables. Mashed up peas....mmmm, delicious! Although, I have recently learned she has already sampled both whipped cream and ice cream, compliments of Uncle Andrew.

Here's Lily with her Great Aunt Sue. We traveled with Grandpa Mark to St. Louis to help him out on his business trip. We got to hang out with Aunt Sue during the day. It was gorgeous in St. Louis so we got to go on walks both days. Lily LOVED it! It was so nice to finally feel spring air.

Lily's new favorite toy is this yogurt cup. Glad to know we don't have to buy any of those expensive toys. We have a pretty exciting week coming up. We are planning to go to Chicago for Easter. It's been a while since we've seen the Mayer's so we're very excited. Also, Lily will get to meet her Great Grandma O'Brien for the first time. Then a week from Friday Lily and I leave to go to Florida with my cousin Maureen. I bought Lily a swimming suit, hat, and sunglasses. She LOVES to wear the sunglasses. It's hilarious. I will be sure to post some pictures of our upcoming festivities.

I almost forgot...Lily is sleeping MUCH better. So you're supposed to always have your baby sleep on her back to reduce the risk of SIDS, so that is exactly what I was doing. One day, I decided I would flip her on her stomach for her nap to see if it would help her sleep better. She took the longest nap ever!!!!!! I guess my little girl is just a stomach sleeper. And don't worry...the risk of SIDS goes way down after the child is 4 months old and can roll over.


Fr. Steve said...

Dear Allison, Tyler, and all gentle readers:

Thank you for the new photographs of Lily--I love her newest toy!

Since Lily is now eating her rice cereal and looking forward to fruits and vegetables, how about pumpkin pie or brownies to go with the whipped cream Uncle Andrew has offered? All three main food groups of fruits, vegetables, and desserts need to be covered in Lily's diet!

Happy Holy Week--looking forward to photographs of Lily sporting sunglasses, Lily holding a woven palm branch made by her daddy, Lily in her Easter Bonnet, Lily in her Easter outfit, Lily with her Easter Basket, and Lily with the Easter Bunny.

God bless,

Fr. Steve

Sabrina said...

allison -

what's the yellow thing that lilly's sitting in? i didn't see a posting about it and it looks funny. inquiring minds (who don't have children) want to know!

i'm also very excited for lilly's easter photos! i can't wait to see my two favorite ladies in a couple of weeks!