Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Lily's Dilemma

Lately, Lily has been faced with a problem. She's trying to decide which football she will be a fan of. Now, this year it's a little easier, since the Colts are the only ones in the playoffs. But next season, will she choose to be a fan of her birthtown team? She's feeling a little pressure from Tyler and Grandpa Mayer to be a Chicago Bears fan. She has also considered being a Cleveland Browns fan. She knows Grandma Mayer and her godfather, Nick cheer for them.


lindsey said...

I was faced with a similar problem growing up. I was born in Green Bay and my dad grew up in Chicago. Packers or Bears? Well, I ended up growing up in Jersey. So my solution was the following...be a diehard Packers fan, cheer for the Bears when they are not playing the Packers (Gasp! NO! But yes, I do...I'm from Jersey...I do what I want...and apparently my cheering does nothing since the Packers lost to the Bears....twice) and of course I cheer on the Giants as well (my Mom's family's favorite). So for this weekend...Go Packers...Go Giants and better luck next year Orton.

Lily - Cheer for the Colts!

amy j. said...

what a cutie. can you send me the picture of me and lily :) Thanks babe

janna said...

Cracking up about Lindsey's comment. haha. Logical Lindsey.

Jenny Nash said...

Well I think Lily's choice is clear now. Obviously the Packers, right? I, myself, am a Vikings fan but my inlaws are tainting William's choice with gifts including Favre jerseys. Oh well. At least they are a worthwhile team to cheer for this year. Check out the latest video on my blog!

P.S. I can't believe how big Lily is already! It's so sad when they aren't a tiny little newborn anymore. But also a lot of fun as they start to learn new tricks!