Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lily's Debut!

Lily made her first acting debut last night! She played Jesus in the Christmas pageant at church. She acted the role perfectly and slept through all the singing. Tyler and I were Mary and Joseph. Tell me that's not the scariest Joseph you've EVER seen. The children from school sang Christmas carols, while we sat on the altar. The children loved staring at us, wondering if we were the real thing. One little girl finally got up the courage and asked, "Is that baby real?" and I told her, "Yes." Then she proceeded to ask, "Are you the real Mary?" It was so cute. She didn't ask Tyler anything. She must have known the creepy beard was fake.


Catho said...

absolutely DYING laughing. so awesome. good work, holy family!

lindsey said...

OH MY GOSH. Love it, love it, love it.

Sabrina said...

i am dying! this is way too funny! i think i've found my new wallpaper for my computer!

amy j. said...

oh my gosh I am so happy about those pictures. I was waiting for them. Hahaha.

Fr. Steve said...

Dear Baby Jesus:

This year Miss Lily Grace Mayer played your role in our Parish Christmas Pageant--but now I am now in a quandary as to what to do for next year--I will never, ever, be able to find another baby as cute, good natured, and admired as Miss Mayer to play your part. You, of course, are perfect, and no human can ever compare to your perfection and love, but Lily is about as perfect as a baby can be.

There was, of course, widespread approval of Lily's mom and dad playing the roles of Mary and Joseph. Allison, as Mary, was beaming throughout the pageant (as I'm sure Mary did at your birth), and Tyler played Saint Joseph perfectly--as you know, Joseph said nothing in the Bible, and Tyler did the same at the pageant.

Thank you for blessing us all with your Holy Family.

Fr. Steve

stephanie said...

baby jesus.